Half day tour of Lalibela

  • A guided tour of the inside of the most impressing five churches of Lalibela, and the outside of the remaining 6 churches. 

Full day tour of Lalibela

  • A guided tour of all the 11 rock-hewn churches.

One and half day tour of lalibela

  • A guided tour of all 11 churches and one monastery. The choices are:
    • A Mule ride trip to Asheten Mariam, enjoying the landscape, the monastery & its age old treasure / 850 years old treasures/ lays on about 3300 meters above sea level.
    • A trip to Neakuto Leab Monastery church, 7 kilometers from the town of Lalibela. 

Two day tour of Lalibela includes the one day tour plus:

  • A guided tour to Ymrhane Kiristos, 42 kilometers from the town. This is the finest and most marvelous cave churches which dates back nearly 1000 years
  • We'll also visit other churches on the way. 

Two and half day tour of Lalibela includes the two day tour plus:

  • Morning mule ride trip to Asheten Mariam.
  • Drive to Neakuto Leab monastery, a home of many fascinating old treasures as old as 850 years and various kinds of birds. 

Three full day tour of Laibela includes

  • 1st day: visit all Lalibela churches.
  • 2nd day: morning visit Genet Miriam monastery on the way stop Nakuto Leab monastery.
  • 2nd day: afternoon to Ymrhane Keristos.
  • 3rd day: mule trip to Ashen Mariam & Wodebye (elevation 3800 meters) to enjoy the landscape, and the simple lives of the local people.


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